Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Should Avoid Sahur Sweet Tea

Why We Should Avoid Sahur Sweet Tea?

Food is a source of energy. During fasting, people need energy from Fajr until Maghrib. However, because no food intake during fasting, then the source of energy obtained from food intake during iftar until dawn. For this reason, food intake during the meal breaking the fast until it must contain an energy source that
enough to burn a backup during the day.

At dawn, Marzuki Ir Iskandar nutrition expert suggested that MTP full food menu, namely rice, side dishes, vegetables, and fruits. Food is also just enough as needed and do not overdo it. Supplements''may be consumed only when felt necessary, suppose that the body feels pain or start physical activity very solid.''

Polishing your meal with a glass of milk, so he advised. Why is not sweet tea? Sweet tea may be, he said, but not too much, because it will make people more frequent urination, because the tea are diuretics. Too many throw urine, while there was no water intake for more than 10 hours, less favorable for the body. "The key, drink enough water during the meal.''

He also expressed other tips for bersahur menu. Choose foods that last long in the stomach so that energy intake during fasting can be met. The trick is to multiply the fruits and vegetables, good sources of complex carbohydrates (brown rice), and beans that can bind water in the body during fasting. Avoid''spices that are too stimulating and spicy.''

At the time of breaking fast, Marzuki done immediately stressed that the azan Maghrib resounding moment. Hasten breaking it, he added, aims to reduced blood sugar during fasting, may soon be replaced with foods that contain sugar.

Why be sweet? You see, the sugar can be quickly processed into energy.

Also avoid the 'hungry eye' to immediately eat a big meal. So, berbukalah with a little sweet foods, for example three points of dates and a glass of water. ''Do not break the fast with heavy foods and complete, because it would burden the digestion and take a long time to process these foods into energy.''

About sweet foods, nutritionists are adding to the menu is not too sweet and fatty foods. ''This type of food the stomach can make a start. Also, avoid cold drinks when breaking, because cold water is easy to make people stricken with strep throat. So, start with a warm beverage before eating a heavy meal.''

After breaking, Marzuki advised to rest the digestive organs for one hour so that it can adjust the back with food. After tarawih, only then can eat a full meal with a complete menu. Before bed, allowed to eat snacks or fruit to taste.

He explained that, while not serving breakfast fasting, can be interpreted as a meal when breaking. Lunch is equated with a meal, and dinner is equated with a full menu after tarawih prayers.

Size of the meal breaking the fast is only 20-25 percent of energy intake, say the menu is only the fruit, drinks, and bread. At the meal, the portions are 40 percent of daily energy needs with a full menu (rice, side dishes, vegetables, fruit, and milk). Menu after the prayer tarawih, equal portions with food meal, which is 40 percent of total daily energy needs.